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pills ($1 + 1 oz / 24 pages + roughly quarter legal)

by ben snakepit. this is the story, in comix form, of ben's first wife pills. it takes us through their meeting, marriage, and eventual divorce. the story made me feel giddy and crushed out at the beginning, but when their relationship starts to sour i got really sad for the both of them.

rejected band names #7 ($1 + 2 oz / 32 pages + half legal)

by jerianne- this issue recounts the time surrounding her sister's sudden death and the events that it catalyzed. it's very raw and poigniant, well-written too.
"i sit down on my bed. the room is dark. i look up at david, my eyes rapidly blinking, my jaw unhinged. he looks back at me concerned and questioning. i tell him, 'it's elizabeth. she says becky was killed.' what was she doing in a plane? where was she going? i didn't hear about any plane crash."

rick of ages ($1 + 2 oz / 36 pages + half legal)

this is rick's 'digitally remastered zineography' featuring rick of ages #1-4! it is like snakepit in that it's a comix journal (if you look closely, you will see that issue #2 was a snakepit split). in this zine, which covers march- september of 2003, rick goes to shows, works, and goes out to eat a lot. the best panels are of rick at the grocery store where he works, like the one where he jumps out of a giant box marked 'tampons'! the whole thing is pretty funny, i reccomend this to fans of snakepit.

root beer review (25 cents + 1 oz / 12 pages + half legal)

krystina and briham bravely review 15 different brands of root beer (geez!) rating them on a scale of 0-10 barrels. they also include a handy list of crucial food to rock root beer with, and crucial music to rock root beer to!

snakepit anthology II ($3 + 5 oz / 104 pages + half legal)

this is ben snakepit's comics zine that reads like a journal. ben drinks, smokes up, goes to shows and gets his heart broken on a regular basis and still manages to keep it interesting. his cartooning is basic but he communicates emotion very well through facial expressions.

stolen sharpie revolution ($2 + 3 oz / 128 pages + quarter legal)

alex wrekk's DIY zine resource guide (second edition) gives tips on making, promoting, and distributing your zines as well as information on how to start a distro, put out a record, and more. also included are instructions on how to block and screen print, make paper, and bind books! it provides a good jumping-off point for new zinesters or anyone in a creative slump.

take back your life: a wimmin's guide to alternative health care ($1 + 2 oz / 16 pages + full size)

by alicia non grata, this guide was published by profane existance. it gives an overview of the origins of witches and midwives, and how they were silenced over the years. there is information on AIDS as well as an exploration of birth control and its alternatives, as well as menstruation as a positive thing and how to heal common infections of the bladder and vagina. tons of useful information!

tight pants #8 ($2 + 3 oz / 60 pages + half legal)

by maddy tight pants- a zine about jobs, punk rock, tight pants, cereal love, stupid teachers, etcetera! due to the fact that this contains “18+” material, if you want to order it you will have to tell me you are 18. i can get into legal trouble for distributing this to minors. if you lie (which i don’t mind), be sure you don’t tell me about it! thanks!
“okay, so much as i’d like to think that my dating record is as cool and flawless as a bowl of lucky charms oe the song ‘it’s cold outside’ by the choir, such is NOT the case! i mean, usually i am fairly smart when it comes to such things, and turn down people who later become psychotic, deranged, or members of an emo band. but, on one fateful occasion, all judgement went out the window. what follows is the story of ms. tight pant’s first boyfriend!”

tight pants #9 ($2 + 4 oz / 80 pages + half legal) LOW STOCK

by maddy tight pants- this issue is about emo and its connection to terrorism, adventures in cereal, punk rock science teachers, and more! once again, this contains “18+” material, so if you want to order it you’ll have to tell me you are 18. i can get into legal trouble for distributing this to minors. if you lie (which i don’t mind), be sure you don’t tell me about it! thanks!
“i will successfully scam another employer! and i call on all shit workers to join me in betraying their employers! there’s no point in working for a boss you can’t screw over! fellow shit workers, i salute you! we must scam our way to sanity in this stupid world! the end!”

tight pants #9.99/ snakepit #27 split ($1 + 1 oz / 24 pages + half legal)

a split zine by maddy tight pants and ben snakepit. it covers the month of december 2002. both ben and maddy drew 3 panels per day about their daily activities. ben moves into a bug-infested shed and maddy goes back to WI to visit family, and then to MN for new year's. ben writes a drunken top ten records list and rants a little, and maddy draws everything she got for christmas.

tight pants # 10 ($2 + 4 oz / 80 pages + half legal)

by maddy- this issue is DIY porn-free, so you don't have to lie and tell me you're 18 to buy it! it also features an old picture of me wearing tight pants. tight pants #10 got me through many a boring school day with tales of working for three days straight (no joke), offensive messages on cookie cakes, and the best yet- the true story of maddy's friend HJ. he was attacked by a monkey at the age of 2, earned his nickname aft0er he picked up hitchhikers who couldn't keep their hands offa him, and was made a celebrity on campus thanks to hilarious flyers encouraging the student body to give him a high five! yes!
there was this woman [at the shelter] who would try to hide laxatives in her room. (you know, i hide sour patch kids, she hides laxatives. we're all the same!) the result of this? she would sometimes miss the toilet and shit all over the floor. or she would be taking a bath, and shit in the tub. and, to make the old IWW slogan "an injury to one is an injury to all" ring true, she NEVER cleaned it up and always denied it.

today i... ($1 + 2 oz / 32 pages + half legal)

by britt moxie- this is my almost journal comix zine. it is a half illustrated, half handwritten daily account of my life from april 30th to july 23rd. in it my grandpa has a stroke, i visit nashville, camp out at plan-it-x fest, and fly back to portland (where i lived at the time) right before the zine symposium. it's full of adventure in 5 different cities! writing about your own zine so people want to read it is kind of hard.

trudy vail is tough as nails ($1 + 1 oz / 12 pages + half legal)

by jacob lee- by a kid who is "daily inspired by [his] tough as fuck girl friends". it is in the style of a children's story with great dr. seuss-style writing about trudy vail, a girl who is tough no matter what the circumstances. the illustrations are amazing! click here to see a page from the zine.

veronica prude ($1 + 1 oz / 36 page + quarter legal)

by megan of youth in revolt distro- a well-wrought personal/literary zine. the layout is gritty and beautiful, perfectly complimenting megan's writing style. veronica prude tells of a murderous grandmother, travelling and partygoing, and mingles reality-based prose with barely-detectable fantasy. this is modern folklore- gorgeous!
“...i scrape at my face and pick little bumps that turn to red, turn to scabs. i look like an addict with allthis red set aganst my eyes. smoking the red cigarettes. drinking the red wine wearing a red shirt and spreading on red lipstick; spreading my legs, revealing red red red...”

walkie talkie #3 ($2 + 3 oz / 36 pages + comic book size)

by nate powell of soophie nun squad! walkie talkie is kind of a comic book, but more like illustrated vignettes. click here to see pictures from this issue. (i got a tattoo of his two birds illustration!) i love nate's storytelling, he isolates the most timeless and universal little events, those things you experience and forget about, but that make you feel infinitely tied to the people who are experiencing it along with you. his art is truly lovely, too... i reccomend this.

walkie talkie #4 ($2 + 3 oz / 32 pages + comic book size)

by nate powell- this is part 2 of his 'satellite worlds' stories. the characters' lives and tales are told in spurts, showing just glimpses into their lives. it's an addicive and unique form of storytelling. the illustrations and text are insightful and fearless.

words like thieves #3 ($1 + 1 oz / 20 pages + quarter legal)

by krystina. this issue blew me away- it's so empassioned and firey. the layout is really unique- pages appear to be photographs with song quotes, but they fold down to reveal her writing. you can't read this zine without wanting to go out and make a difference. self education, books not bombs, building a sense of community within your local scene- krystina tackles it all.
"i like to think that our best resource is one another... but a kid won't ask you to explain globalization or what other bands ian mackaye is in, if when approached with questions you0 go 'OH... you didn't know about _____??!! jeez... pfft...' and belittle the person you could be dropping important information on."

words like thieves #3.5 ($0.50 + 1 oz / 16 pages + mini)

by krystina- a mini zine about what inspires her: friends, food, adventures, words, and art! this is a great little read if you're feeling creatively stagnant or otherwise stuck in a rut.
"...biographies are great to read. some peoples' lives are so exciting that it reads like fiction and may make you want to jumpstart your own life! some kids might get hung up on people who seemed to accomplish EVERYTHING and it makes them feel shitty... but this is no competition, this is life. its up to each of us to accomplish what we want! (on a side note, i know jealousy can be hard to deal with, but that stuff can destroy us, so try to turn it into inspiration...)"

words like theives #4/ theives and kings #8 split ($1 + 2 oz / 40 pages + half legal)

words like theives #4 by krystina- about dropping out, life in manchester, the portland zine symposium, riding the greyhound.
“maybe humans have lost their curiosity, or maybe i’m just fucking boring, but i feel like i’m always asking questions and listening and never sharing. and believe me, i’d love to, but no one’s about to listen to me talk about books not bombs and what i dumpstered or funny stuff that happens at the comic shop.”
theives and kings #8 by anthony- short stories, comics, what it was like to go back to his old HS to observe for a teacher education class.
“i could literally watch her mind working, slowly breaking out of the suburban, conformist mode of thought that she had been raised in. she spoke out a lot in class, expressing lots of opinions and even more often, asking lots of challenging questions- but never with a smug, know-it-all tone that kids seem to take on once they start ‘getting into’ politics.”

words like thieves #6 ($1 + 1 oz / 48 pages + 1/3 legal)

by krystina- written in spring/early summer 2003. it contains a handful of stories (what krystina does best!) about a monster load of dumpstered food, an old friend,zines gaining acceptance in the punk community as a legit form of communication, a piece about being a good ally to an inmate, a recipe for amazing vegan banana bread, etcetera!
"we had just gotten out of the symphony and were riding bikes through the streets in gaudy prom dresses. i thought about how few cars there were here in the motor city and how flat the roads are, because i hadn't seen one hill. but mostly i thought about home. not the physical place, but the concept. jessika and sidewalk rode a few feet ahead, talking about kids i didn't know. i thought about being back in CT and how the kids there talk about more stuff i don't kow about... i got that sinking feeling back, the one that makes my heart feel heavy. the one that i can't seem to escape, no matter how many shitty uconn shows i attend and no matter how many miles accumumate on the bus' odometer. i think it's called feeling out of place."

working sucks ($0.50 + 1 oz / 12 pages + half legal)

by tim righteous- this zine talks about how people work too much, and what to do instead of work. it talks about what would happen if everyone stopped working.

zen and the art of brownie baking! ($1 + 2 oz / 32 pages + half legal)

josh's zine about the glory that is: BROWNIES. it has recipes for vegan brownies, scramblees, joshfuls, brownie smoothies (i'm not kidding), brownie pancakes, and other brownie-derived creations! josh doesn't just write about brownie making. he also gives insightful commentary on brownie activism (booyah), salmonella, rubber spatulas, and brownie mix!
"most brownies that deviate from the tried and true have gone the way of ritzy bourgeois desserts. the caviar of the pastry world. it doesn't need to be that way. we can continue the evolution of brownies in a positive way. it's time to take brownies back for the masses! whose brownies? OUR BROWNIES!"

50 cent waltz ($1 + 0 oz / mini)

cute accordion-style illustration-only narrative by jessixa. the story is basically a girl buys a record for 50 cents and has a wonderful little daydream... it is packaged in paperboard and plastic like a record. great for your record nerd friends- i know you have at least one!

animal rights pamphlets (free)
sabrina donated these non-peta pamphlets. i have 3 different ones ("how we treat the animals we eat", "it's up to you to protect farm animals", and "eating for life"- about vegetarianism). if you want all three please specify.